Home Renovation – How We Made It Work

My wife and I decided to start another home renovation – mainly due to our dislike for colour scheme of our home. We had purchased our home with the intention of tearing some parts of it down and remodeling it or rennovating it. Unfortunately, when we moved in, there were a ton of other important things we had to take care of. On top of that my wife became pregnant again and we had to prepare for our new baby. So skip to a couple of years later and we’re still living in this home that we were meant to tear down. This is when we decided to start a new home renovation project.

The thing with having a couple of kids along with a newborn is that you never have enough time to do anything. And I honestly mean that literally. You’re busy at work all day and then you come home to a screaming baby but also have to cook dinner and then do all the other errands you have to get done.

So when we decided to go ahead and get our project started, we didn’t realize how much work it was going to be. I mean just the fumes alone from the paint was enough to have us wheezing and getting outside of the house. We quickly decided that this huge task wasn’t meant for us and we needed help. A lot of help. We quickly hired exterior house painters in Toronto and they painted our house right away. Along with that we also hired a company do actually renovate our house without any of our involvement. Safe to say, that was the best plan because my family and I got to stay in a hotel for a couple of weeks. It was pretty much a vacation!

The next time, we decide to do something with so much work involved, we will definitely be calling for some help. It just makes our lives a lot more easier and our kids loved staying in a hotel for so long. You can also remove the tasks of cleaning and cooking, so my wife and I had a grand ol’ time. They did a great job with our house and I can’t wait to move back in.